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$139 (60 minutes)

Your first session is to help me understand you and goals. I’ll complete a full lifestyle, health and diet assessment, then get you started on your path to health with a personalised action plan.

Initial consultations are our starting point for your nutrition journey, and can be booked as a lone consultation or as one of our packages.

An Initial Consultation is comprehensive and includes planning and preparation time before and after your appointment. ​​

Once you have booked, you will be emailed a Health Questionnaire Form and a Three-Day Food Diary to complete prior to the consultation. Please allow enough time to complete the Food Diary and return it at least 48 hours prior to our meeting. If you can't find these forms in your inbox, please check your junk/spam folders and add us to your contacts!


$69 (30 minutes)

Your follow-up meetings are completely tailored to you. I’ll review your progress, discuss tools and strategies to help you reach your goals, and work through any challenges you’re facing along the way.

  • Checking in on your progress towards your nutrition and health goals.

  • Discussion on what’s working/not working, and any challenges or barriers you may be facing, and help problem solve to ensure you have the tools needed to move forward.

  • Any relevant measurements we may be tracking are retaken.

  • Information you are already familiar with is built on, with content adjusted to your goals and priorities.

  • Modifications are made to your plan, as needed.

Before your appointment:

  • I review your Health Questionnaire, Food Diary and reason for your appointment

  • I review any referral information if applicable, such as laboratory or other test results and medical history

  • I begin to prepare relevant nutrition and wellness information personalised for you​

During your appointment:

  • Investigation of your current lifestyle to establish preferences and routines

  • Relevant essential measurements may be taken

  • We will explore your relationship with food

  • Begin to create nutrition guidelines that will be tailored to you

  • 1:1 education on various health topics that are imperative to your success.

​​​After your appointment:

  • I prepare a personalised nutrition and wellbeing plan for you

  • I provide any appropriate resources that will help you meet your goals

  • Where appropriate I will provide a report summarising my recommendations for your referrer 

  • You have access to email support after each appointment​

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